Prep & Storage Tips

Here are some prep and storage tips for our Shady Brook Farms turkey products.

Handling food in high quantities doesn’t have to mean high maintenance. And even better, you can still maintain high quality. At Shady Brook Farms®, we put careful time and attention into making every one of our turkey products on our end so that you don’t have to deal with much hassle and prep time on yours. All but one of our products is pre-cooked for easy preparation to save you time and labor, and more importantly, improve safety.

Here are some important handling guidelines to ensure optimal food safety and quality for you:

Storage Information

  • Frozen products: Keep at or below 0 degrees F.
  • Thawed products: Once thawed, store at or below 38 degrees F. Best if used within 2 to 3 days.
  • Refrigerated products: Store between 32 degrees F and 40 degrees F.

Prep Tips:

We pride ourselves on providing wholesome turkey products to your students and staff. But just as important is providing food-safe products. And that starts with maintaining proper food handling practices. The good news is that almost every item in our K-12 product lineup is pre-cooked to avoid any concerns of handling raw meat. But as always, there are still critical guidelines to maintain, including:

Maintain a sanitary operation
  • Make sure your staff keeps their hands, face, hair and personal clothing clean. They should wash hands frequently and thoroughly, and avoid handling food if they are ill or have skin infections.
  • Use separate cutting boards for different products and keep foods segregated as much as possible.
  • Clean cutting boards and surfaces, knives, pans, cutting equipment and thermometers frequently and sanitize after each use.
Refrigerate for safety
  • Set your refrigerator/cooler to 40°F or lower.
  • Store products in the refrigerator in fully sealed containers.
  • Refrigerate leftovers within 2 hours of cooking.
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