You can always contact your Cargill Foodservice sales representative for any questions about your specific operation. Or you may find your answers in our Frequently Asked Questions listed below. Take a look to learn more.

  1. Do Shady Brook Farms® pre-cooked turkey products have CN labels?
    Yes, all Shady Brook Farms commodity-processed products carry a Child Nutrition label, with the exception of our wings, which are a commercial product. You can find both the CN number and the meat-equivalent number near the top of the Product Information and Ingredient List for each of our products. Let us know if you can’t and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.
  2. Where can I get a product sample?
    Want to try something out? Hey, no problem. You can get a sample of any of our delicious, school foodservice turkey products by contacting your Shady Brook Farms Representative. Or, submit your inquiry on our Contact Us page.
  3. How do I request more information?
    We want to answer all your questions. So if you have more, let us know. For any questions related to the Cargill school foodservice program or our Shady Brook Farms turkey products, please call your Shady Brook Farms Representative or submit your questions to our Contact Us page.
  4. How is the Shady Brook Farms® commodity-processing program different than others?
    We try to do things different than many turkey providers out there. And by that we mean doing them the right way, the best we can. Which is why Cargill and Shady Brook Farms work closely with the USDA to ensure all our products meet or exceed federal requirements and offer quality nutrition for your students.In fact, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality turkey products for all our customers, all the time. Not only do we feature several reduced sodium and whole muscle items, we stand behind delivering turkey that is raised without growth-promoting antibiotics.Beyond that, we source all our turkeys from 700 independent family farms around the country who do things the right way, with a focus on animal well-being and ethical practices.From farm to lunchroom, you can be sure we care about every step along the way.
  5. My staff is limited so I need to keep meal prep simple. How can Shady Brook Farms® help?
    Our products are made to be made simple. So almost every product in the Shady Brook Farms® turkey lineup – with the exception of our Raw White & Dark Netted Roast – is pre-cooked and ready for your staff to simply heat and serve. This not only makes prep easier and saves time, but also ensures greater consistency. And more importantly, increases food safety.
  6. How can I make my menu more exiting and appealing to students?
    Students’ tastes can be challenging, especially with such a broad student range from K through 12. But our dedicated culinary team has seen it all. Through lots of research, trial and error, and occasional eye-rolling or frowny faces, we’ve been able to create a portfolio of exciting Shady Brook Farms turkey products, entrée items and solutions that make feeding schools full of hungry kids easier for you and your team.

    • Our Free From products are all allergen free and do not use antibiotics or hormones to promote animal growth.
    • Our Signature Colossal Drummettes are sure to be a hit on every lunch menu. Trust us. You can’t go wrong with these.
    • Our Sliced Selects offer a selection of favorites that turn your menu from “meh” to “oh yeah!”
    • Our Reduced-Sodium Menu SavorsTM products give you flexibility to add flavorful sauces without exceeding daily sodium intake limits for health-conscience students who still crave something tasty.
    • Our Easy-Prep Entrees include popular turkey products that students just can’t get enough of.
  7. Student allergies are a growing concern for my program. Are your products allergen-labeled?
    Yes. Food allergies are of our utmost concern, especially with kids. So we make sure each product label clearly designates whether the item includes gluten and lists any common allergens that may be present, including milk, soy and/or wheat. And just to be safe, all Shady Brook Farms K-12 items are Big 8 allergen free.
  8. I can’t find the answer I’m looking for. Can I send you my question?
    Of course you can. Just relay your question to your Shady Brook Farms Representative or you can also submit your inquiry by filling out the form on our Contact Us page. We promise to answer it as best we can. And besides, we’d love to hear from you.
  9. Why have growth-promoting antibiotics been removed from, and the USDA Process Verified seal added to, Shady Brook Farms® brand turkeys?
    We do our best to listen to what our customers want in their food. And what they don’t want. That’s why we make sure our turkeys are raised without growth-promoting antibiotics. We believe we can still provide a wholesome product at an affordable price that people will feel good about feeding their families. That makes us feel good, too.
  10. Where are Shady Brook Farms® brand turkeys raised?
    Our turkeys are raised on more than 700 independent family farms around the country.
  11. What do you mean by antibiotics will only be used for the treatment of illness or prevention of disease?
    Shady Brook Farms has removed all antibiotics that promote growth. The only time we will ever give antibiotics to our turkeys is when they are sick or there is a risk that the flock may become infected. And that will be done only under the supervision of a veterinarian.
  12. How much will the turkeys raised without growth-promoting antibiotics cost?
    Don’t worry. We believe all people deserve good-quality food, so we will not charge a premium price for turkeys raised without growth-promoting antibiotics. Check with your Cargill Foodservice sales representative to get pricing information.
  13. When will more Shady Brook Farms® brand turkey products raised without growth-promoting antibiotics be available?
    In 2015, we can proudly say all Shady Brook Farms turkey flocks will be raised without growth-promoting antibiotics. Contact Us to find out how to get our USDA Process Verified products that ensure the turkey products you offer your students are raised:

    • With no antibiotics used for growth promotion – antibiotics only used for treatment & prevention of illness.
    • By independent farmers.
    • By producers trained on animal handling practices.