Commodity Processing Program

Our turkey doesn’t have to travel far to go a long ways.

No matter the distance from our farms to your school lunches, you can always count on one thing from Shady Brook Farms® – you get more out of our turkey. As a Cargill brand, we’re able to provide you with unmatched expertise and resources that can help you maximize bulk commodity turkey allotments.* So you get the most from your school foodservice budget while your program gets delicious, easy-to-prepare turkey products students will love – raised without growth-promoting antibiotics.

We know what K-12 students like. Trust us.

When it comes to food, kids can be tough. So we work with Cargill’s team of school foodservice culinary experts to help us put together a diverse product range that’s full of turkey favorites among K-12 students. Not only are the products delicious, we made sure they’re crafted to meet your specific nutrition and operational demands:

  • All are CN labeled (with the exception of the Colossal Wings) and meet USDA guidelines for lower fat and sodium
  • All but one feature 0g trans-fat per serving
  • Innovative culinary creations offer unique choices and sought-after flavors
  • Each menu item gives you the quality and value you and your students deserve

You can be sure you’ll receive consistent, high-quality products.

White meat. Dark meat. A good balance is a smart balance.

Some people prefer white meat. Others like dark. We say it’s good to have a little bit of both. Our expansive product lineup of white-meat, dark-meat and white-dark turkey products was designed to match USDA standards and help give you the best white-dark choices for your program.

Cargill. A name we rely on. So can you.

With Cargill’s 150 years of dependable operations and resources behind Shady Brook Farms, including our network of 700 independent family farms, we can manage the supply chain from farm to fork. So you can be sure you’ll receive consistent, high-quality products along with reliable delivery that keeps your program on schedule.

Planning and ordering made easy. How it should be.

We like things simple. Use Processor Link as a helpful resource for real-time tracking of your commodity balances.

* USDA 100124 Turkey Chilled – bulk entitlements (previously A534)