Privacy Policy

It is Cargill’s policy to respect the privacy of its on-line visitors. Cargill may use technology to obtain non-personal information from on-line visitors in order to improve the on-line experience, such as tracking the total number of visitors to our site. In addition, Cargill only gathers personally identifiable data, such as names, addresses and e-mail addresses, etc., when voluntarily submitted by a visitor. For example, personally identifiable information may be requested by Cargill in order to respond to a request for a subscription to a company newsletter. It is Cargill’s policy to use personally identifiable information for Cargill’s internal business purposes only. Such information will not be shared or sold to third parties. Cargill’s privacy policy may be changed without notice, although changes will not be applied retroactively. You can continue to find Cargill’s privacy policy at this site or you may contact us with any questions.

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