All Day Breakfast Pancake Slider

60 Servings
? Prep Time
? Total Time


  • 120 pieces, whole grain mini pancakes or waffles
  • 5 lbs (1 bag) #700305 Shady Brook Farms Fully Cooked Turkey Sausage Patties, thawed
  • 6 lbs butter or margarine, softened
  • 2 cups honey or pancake syrup


  1. Whip butter or margarine with honey. Cover and place in cooler to chill.
  2. Preheat Convection oven to 350℉.
  3. Prepare 2-3 full size sheet pans with parchment paper.
  4. Place sausage patties and pancakes or waffles on sheet pans, distributing evenly. Heat for approximately 12 minutes until serving temperature of 140℉ is reached. Turn off oven or hold in warming cabinet until sandwiches are ready to assemble.
  5. Prepare the slider sandwiches in this order: Mini pancake or waffle / 1 tsp whipped honey butter / Sausage patty / Mini pancake or waffle
  6. Serve warm.

Made With Quality

This lighter take on a breakfast classic is a perfect way to start your students' days. These 1 oz. patties, meeting the 1 M/MA credit, pair well with other breakfast favorites.

Turkey Sausage Patties

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We’ve come up with exciting turkey dishes for your school menu that are not only part of a healthy diet and delicious, they’re anything but boring. It’s how school lunches should be.

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