The Art of Turkey

What is the “Art of Turkey” program?

“The Art of Turkey” program provides the opportunity to help school faculty, parents and students understand the quality turkey products available through your foodservice program while providing a deeper understanding behind the importance of good food. Shady Brook Farms Turkey wants to arm you with this knowledge so we can work together to better educate your community.

“The Art of Turkey” offers hands-on learning for students, faculty and cafeteria staff through:

  • A turnkey, hands-on art project inspired by Shady Brook Farms independent family farmers.
  • A turnkey, hands-on culinary project inspired by Shady Brook Farms chefs.
  • Featured products such as Shady Brook Farms Colossal Drummettes available during the lunch hour.

What’s in it for you?

The “Art of Turkey” program allows you to highlight the decision to source turkey products that fit the demand for good food while being transparent about the turkey you serve and the commitment of the Shady Brook Farms® Brand. The event also:

  • Involves key stakeholders in a fun, educational, and integrated project that allows multiple groups of students and staff to be involved.
  • Provides students with real-world activities that engage them.
  • Offers social and email content to share with faculty, students, and parents via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


What’s required to host “The Art of Turkey” at your district?

  • Identify a point person to coordinate and oversee event; participation from cafeteria staff; 1 teacher and 10-15 students interested in art; 1 teacher and 20-25 students interested in culinary skills.
  • A room(s) to conduct the art project and culinary project.
  • Alignment with a Shady Brook Farms Turkey representative to coordinate product usage (e.g. Colossal Drummettes).
  • Audiovisual capabilities to show video(s) and present PowerPoint slides.

How do I find out more?

For more information or to request collateral for an upcoming Art of Turkey event, please Contact Us.

Shady Brook Farms® is the only turkey brand for K-12 school districts that is USDA Process Verified, in conjunction with the National Commodity Processing Program. Shady Brook Farms is committed to providing good food to your students. In our minds, good food means knowing what’s in it, how it’s made and who’s making it. Our turkeys are raised by 700 independent family farmers across the United States, and without growth-promoting antibiotics. Our mission is to provide you with food as good and honest as the farmers who had a hand in raising the turkeys.


You have questions about something? Don’t worry. You’re not the first. Start here to get your turkey questions answered.

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