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We have 700 reasons to believe what we do matters.

Shady Brook Farms® turkey is raised on 700 independent family farms across the United States. Our K-12 mission is to provide your school with food as good and honest as the farmers who had a hand in raising the turkeys for our products.

Explore a few of the 700 reasons our food is worth believing in:

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Brand Pillars

We support our mission with these core commitments:


As the first major turkey brand to take this initiative, we’re proud of our independent farmers for meeting the challenge of raising turkeys without GPAs. And, in accordance with federal law, we don't use added hormones or steroids.

Animal Welfare

The 700 independent family farmers who raise Shady Brook Farms turkeys aren’t our employees. They’re our partners - and friends. And they work hard to raise turkeys right.


Good food should be available to everyone. We’re committed to delivering real value to schools - value your students can taste and enjoy.


Students who eat better do better in school. That’s why we offer the highest-quality ingredients in the best combinations, for great food that kids love.

Animal Welfare

We take animal care seriously. Our independent farmers are trained in animal handling practices, and we believe our turkey is better because it’s raised right.


We all want a healthier world for our kids. Conservation and sustainability are as important to us as they are to you and your students.

Our turkeys are raised:

  • With no antibiotics used for growth promotion – antibiotics only used for treatment & prevention of illness.
  • By independent farmers.
  • By producers trained on animal handling practices.

Working with the USDA, we’ve crafted a quality management program to meet a higher standard for our turkey. So you’re assured of serving your students the very best.


Leverage Cargill Resources

Leverage Cargill Resources

Shady Brook Farms® takes "foodservice" literally. We use every resource and best practice to make both our food and our service world-class.

150 Years of Quality

Our parent company is Cargill, family-owned for 150 years. Cargill’s one-word promise is "Thrive." The vast resources available to us ensure that your students will thrive, too.

Culinary Innovation

For school menus, innovation means meeting nutrition standards while appealing to a wide range of student tastes. It helps to have a Culinary Innovation Center to pull that off. And we do.

Smarter by the Serving™

Our lineup of turkey products is prepared by a skilled team of culinary and nutrition experts, to meet USDA guidelines and wow your students at every meal.

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